Thematic Interpretations from HAMS Members, ctd.

Hannah Schockmel, Class of 2014: To me, framing is a very interesting way to look at art.  By its very nature, all art is framed in some sort of way, but at the same time, no two pieces are framed in the same way.  The way the artist frames their piece defines what it will be, what it is saying, and how it is said.  Even by eschewing the notion of a frame, the artist makes a statement about the work.


Katya Savelieva, Class of 2014: I see framing as a very broad term, referring to the interactions between artist, work, and space.  An artist frames his or her subject in a specific way through compositional, conceptual, and technical choices.  Once the work is complete, it inevitably frames the way in which the artist is perceived by the public.  When the work is placed in a specific space, it frames the space, while also being framed by it


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