A Trip to the Johnson Museum’s Underground Art Storage!


Last week’s HAMS meeting was one we all won’t forget—our entire club had the opportunity to visit the Herbert F. Johnson Museum’s very own underground storage unit, containing the permanent collection, to view possible pieces for our exhibit!

Matt Conway, the museum’s registrar, and Alana Ryder, the curatorial coordinator for academic programs, guided us through rows and rows of both old and new masterpieces by artists such as Keith Haring and John Coplans.

In addition to viewing works preselected by HAMS members, we were lucky enough to  stumble upon some great options for our exhibit that we hadn’t yet discovered. One piece that stood out was a photograph by Lisa Roy, featuring a colorful display of interior space framed by a complex composition of modern architecture.

Additionally, during our visit, we continued to explore different aspects of the exhibit’s theme, such as framing of the self and the framing of physical space.

We would like to thank Matt and Alana for their time and help with selecting and viewing works for our exhibit and for our amazing experience exploring the Johnson Museum’s permanent collection!

By Wylie Rechler Class of 2016



Registrar Matt Conway giving the HAMS a tour!


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