Welcome Back!


Over the past four months, HAMS’ members have pored over nearly 200,000 works of art, endured numerous cycles of difficult cuts, argued and debated over certain works, established themes within our show, expanded the show through experimentations with video art and written insightful and interesting blog posts about art. Although time has flown by, we have practiced and honed many important skills – like looking at art critically, and learning that personal preference does not equate to relevance. The semester began hinged on a fantasy of a huge gallery space, infinite funds and access to any works in the world, with a complete absence of deadlines. Reality soon hit and we have grappled to find our way out of certain inevitable difficulties and disappointments. We have launched crowd-funding efforts with the University fundraising platform, USEED – look for this in the early spring! After understanding the depth and diversity of the Johnson Museum’s collection, we understood there was no need to fantasize about large scale borrowing, as there was nearly everything we could desire in the very museum in which we worked. Space was one of the biggest hurdles we faced, as our appetite was much larger than the room provided. Through innovative installation, creating complex yet direct conversations between works, we managed to embrace this limitation, and, we hope, make it a strength. We have come to see our space as simply another artistic frame.

Looking forward, we have very exciting things on the horizon, and some dates we’d like you to keep in mind!


Our show opens to the public on April 19th.


Our opening reception will be on April 25th at the Johnson Museum – stay tuned for more information on that front!

On April 22nd, Artist Emma Amos (read more here!) will be visiting and giving a lecture.

The HAMS have been working to pull together a special video art symposium that enhances our exhibition, featuring works from the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art on campus and brief talks from professors from Cornell University departments. This will take place at the A.D. White House on April 29th and is open to all. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding the launch of our USEED platform!


By Maggie Merrell, HAMS President, Class of 2014


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