A HAMS Update!

Hello! I am Haley Knapp, Social Media Chair of HAMS and as we are almost done with the semester, I wanted to give a little update of what our HAMS members have been up to this semester, where we are in developing our exhibition, and what our weekly meetings have been like! This week is our last week of pulling works. For the past few months, everyone has been developing ideas through works that we have pulled from not only the Johnson Museum’s own collection, but from the Rare and Manuscript Collection in Kroch as well, expanding our resources to really get in touch with what Cornell has to offer and how we, as art history students, can use those resources to develop our exhibition to its greatest potential. Pulling works and discussing them during weekly meetings has been not only fun, but really helping to develop what our exhibition theme, Revolt, really means in terms of what works we should incorporate, how we, each member, define the word, and how we want it to reach our audience.  Our decision to create an exhibitionRevolt comes at a time in our world when there has recently been so much political turmoil and we are seeking to incorporate that into the meaning of our exhibition. We are looking at revolt through an art historical, political, and cultural lens in however photographers, artists, sculptors, have chosen to identify it.

Every member has been really passionate in discussing the works that they have pulled for the meetings, and this will definitely show in our completed exhibition, not only in the display of the works, but in our catalogue as well. One meeting we were able to get a tour of the Surrealism and Magic exhibition from Andy Weislogel Two weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have a visitor during our meeting. Tameka Norris was up at Cornell for an artist’s talk about her work in the New Orleans Biennial and gave us some great insight about how we wanted to present our exhibition to the visitors that will be attending. Then, last week we were fortunate to get to go down into main storage and see works that aren’t available to the public at the current moment.

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram (@insta__hams) to see more pictures, and stay up to date on events we may be having!

Here are some pictures of some of our meetings and the different things we have been doing each week!


IMG_4691 IMG_4704


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